In this video I remove the powerhead from the Yamaha 50HP four stroke. This is so I can remove the bracket from the leg and unseize the steering. Next video will be on to steering itself

Recently my boat sank after heavy rain while I was away taking the outboard motor down with it. I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a video on how to save an outboard that has been underwater. I hope it helps you if you ever find yourself in the same situation!

In this video I go through how to make a timber outboard stand for servicing and storing motors.

The trailer for my new novel Parting Lines. Grab your copy at

Promoting your book

So my debut novel Parting Lines has now been released. It was a long haul to get it out the door, but now the real work of promoting it is about to begin. I have decided to blog my experiences as I go, partly for the benefit of other independent authors, partly for my own recollection. I will be making these blogs as honest as I can - a bit of a warts and all account of how things are going.

So far the only real promotion I have done has been on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has yielded some success because my friends on Facebook are, well, friends. Twitter not so much, and therein lies my first lesson in book promotion.

People will almost never buy a book written by a person they have never heard of based on a Tweet telling them that they should.

Despite only having about 1500 followers on Twitter, my posts have been retweeted by people with over 100K, and as far as I can see there hasn’t been a single sale generated through this means. In crafting the posts I followed a lot of the conventional wisdom by adding tags, images, hooks, links etc. This experience has certainly put me off ever paying for a commercial Twitter campaign. I just don’t think this is how people buy books. You are just making the promotion schemes rich, not yourself.

People do buy books on the personal recommendation of someone they trust and from browsing bricks-and-mortar stores.

So what this has encouraged me to do in these early days is get as many copies as I can out there, particularly physical copies that can be shared and left lying around to be noticed. Now I know that must sound a lot like my strategy to sell books is to sell as many as I can, but that’s not quite what I am saying (although I wouldn’t complain if it happened!) What I am thinking is that the book can never be recommended if it has never been read, so I am much happier to put my marketing budget into free copies than a social media campaign that has every chance of just being ignored. I’m choosing not to worry too much at this stage that I have mostly sold to friends, because they can quite validly become the heart of the snowball. Every copy you sell is another copy in the wild and in these early days that is very important. From little things big things grow.

I have chosen to register all my giveaway copies with in order to both track their travels and to encourage people to keep passing them on. I’ll let you know how this goes once I have released them next week.

There is no doubt that giving away many books is going to get expensive, and that Tweets are too cheap, (ie. there are millions every day and they are easily ignored or just lost in the stream.) Sitting in between these two options are the postcards I have printed up. Next week I also intend to begin scattering those around the city. They are cheap to print, and a colourful curiosity that people can pick up and take home, hopefully to lie around the kitchen bench reminding the holder of my book until that rainy day comes along and they are looking for something new to read.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

The Kirkus review of my new novel, Parting Lines.

My new novel Parting Lines is now available from Lulu in ePub format. Plenty of paperbacks left too if you prefer!

Chance to win a free copy of my new novel Parting Lines in a Goodreads giveaway. Just follow the link to enter – no strings attached

My first copies of Parting Lines have now arrived! You can get yours at

My first copies of Parting Lines have now arrived! You can get yours at

Finally released my first novel, Parting Lines!

Parting Lines is a humorous and gritty look at a middle-aged, middle-class man that is deep in the throws of a catastrophic midlife meltdown. Married since high school, Tim Hoskings has been kicked out of the family home and his chances of finding his way back unscathed are next to zero since meeting the alluring goth-girl Cassandra at a Sydney S&M club.
He’ll tell you he’d never have gone down on his hirsute admirer Derek if he didn’t think it would impress Cassandra. But who can trust a man being led by the nose on a drug-fuelled voyage of self-discovery? Perhaps a career in the porn industry will be his ticket to salvation. God knows therapy hasn’t worked.

Visit to buy your copy now, and remember, sharing’s caring! ;)

Should I self publish?

"Self-published novels are the literary dynamite that is being stacked around the base of all those ivory towers occupied by pompous publishing executives.”

While writing my debut novel Parting Lines (visit for a copy!), I spent a great deal of time thinking about how to publish it. It doesn’t take long to start to get the feeling that traditional publishers don’t do that much for the first time author when you find questions such as, “Describe the extent of your social network and your plans to promote your book,” on manuscript submission forms. Um, isn’t that what I’m giving you 80% of the earnings to do? Apparently not.

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After a long and exciting wait, the cover art for my up-coming novel Parting Lines has arrived! It is an original illustration by the talented local artist Beaumont Jardine ( Keep any eye out on for the novel’s imminent release.

After a long and exciting wait, the cover art for my up-coming novel Parting Lines has arrived! It is an original illustration by the talented local artist Beaumont Jardine ( Keep any eye out on for the novel’s imminent release.

Well, the day has come and our debut single ”One Moment for a Teardrop” is now available for purchase! We will be giving all the profit from sales and advertisements to animal care, so if you grab a copy you will also be contributing to a great cause.

Thanks to Ilonka Rudolph who wrote the original instrumental and for her trust and inspiration, and also to Vectiva Recordings for releasing the song.

This track is a collaboration with my new friends in Germany. Working from Ilonka original concept, this track was written and produced by Tris Sonority SLB, Sven Lindemann, Robert Bartu. The lyrics and vocal melody were written by me and the vocals were also performed and recorded by me.